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Cleaning China's Air: An Interview with IQAir China's VP, Mike Bearden

Cleaning China’s Air: An Interview with IQAir China’s VP, Mike Bearden

By Aaron Posehn   With the steady drumbeat of dire headlines and warnings about China’s air pollution, indoor air quality has become a very important subject for locals and expats alike in major cities like Beijing and Shanghai. In this interview I sit down with Mike Bearden, Vice President of IQAir China, one of the best-known...
Air purifier options and sales boom amid China's pollution

Air purifier options and sales boom amid China’s pollution

By Aaron Posehn If you currently live in China, and especially in one of its larger cities like Beijing or Shanghai, you are surely well-acquainted with the recent wave of pollution that eerily envelopes the tallest of buildings, often making it difficult to see even a kilometer in the distance. Although I can remember looking...