As the Internet has now exhaustively documented, on October 22, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg visited Tsinghua University in Beijing and gave an interview entirely in Mandarin, demonstrating an impressive verbal comprehension ability despite some tonal and grammar mistakes and other slip-ups.  A veritable frenzy of international coverage ensued, prompting critiques that perhaps Americans’ excessive mono-lingualism was the real phenomenon driving the wonder and admiration.

Surfing the tidal wave of this enthusiasm for executives learning business Chinese, former Learn Chinese Business editor Jonathan Poston recently spoke with BBC World.  You can download this podcast via direct link from BBC to listen to his remarks.


Jonathan Poston has taught various business courses for Virginia Tech, Duke University, UEES-Ecuador, LNU-MSU-China, Galen (Belize), etc. He is currently leading business development efforts for, which offers online accounting /accounting apps. set up services to small businesses.