Learn Chinese Business has recently started to conduct a series of interviews on entrepreneurship in Greater China with the intention of helping individuals to learn what doing business in the region is like, and especially if they have thoughts of starting their own businesses there.

Below is the list of interviews as it currently stands, which will be updated periodically as new interviews are added.

1. Founding a Chinese Podcast in Taiwan: An Interview with Adam Menon (14/10/12)

2. How to Start a Business in Taiwan: An Interview with Elias Ek (14/10/16)

3. An Interview with Tudou Co-Founder, Marc van der Chijs (14/12/02)

4. East Drinks West: An Interview with Shawn Kidd (15/01/16)

5. Establishing a Literary Agency in Taiwan: An Interview with Gray Tan(15/01/18)