Image credit: Galen University

Image credit: Galen University

As a key player in the world economy, China is a good subject for discussion at any business school. Galen University in Belize is no different, especially with the recent inroads China has made in the Caribbean.

The other year, Galen University partnered with China business expert, Jonathan Poston M.E., to develop a course titled, “Chinese Business Partnerships & Economic Development.”

A preliminary outline of that China business course was posted to China Law Blog, and after an initial offering at Galen, the course has since evolved with more opportunities for experiential learning. In addition to studying the topics initially mentioned in China Law Blog–

“Chinese history basics, Chinese business culture and etiquette, China best practices, International economic development trends and tactics, Strategic geographic review of Chinese economic centers (ports,manufacturing, capitals, trade zones, etc.),, Basic conversations in Mandarin (building rapport & getting around), Overview of Chinese geopolitics, Strategic trade relationships, The Chinese government’s role in business, Intellectual property protection and security considerations, Negotiating contracts, Developing working relationships w/decision makers, Structuring and closing deals”

–students are also expected to reach across community borders to engage Chinese business leaders to understand how Chinese nationals are engaged in international business in Belize.

Recently, Galen University officials listed the China business course in their upcoming 2014-15 course offerings. Bloggers like Taco Girl in Belize have already published information about upcoming courses, like the China business course:

In Chinese Business Partnerships & Economic Development, Galen students have learned about China’s long history, language, business culture, and international business strategies….Galen students didn’t just study Chinese business theory, they went out, and reached across communities to meet respected Chinese business leaders to better understand how they could have a deeper stake in the ongoing businesses run by members of the Chinese community…

To consider registering for this online China business course, check out Galen’s upcoming course schedule (in this pdf).

Jonathan Poston has taught various business courses for Virginia Tech, Duke University, UEES-Ecuador, LNU-MSU-China, Galen (Belize), etc. He is currently leading business development efforts for, which offers online accounting /accounting apps. set up services to small businesses.