Here at LCB we’re always staying current with the pulse of Chinese business activity around the globe, and the following is a short update to communicate with our readers on some recent happenings.  We’ll be experimenting with this format and other ways of keeping our community members in the know on a regular basis, so stay tuned!


Live Updates on Current China News via Tumblr

We are pleased to announce that in addition to our very active social presence on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, LCB’s editorial staff is now constantly linking to all of the latest and most relevant China business news articles we read in our live Tumblr feed.  Be sure to follow us to keep current on all of the changes in this extremely fast-paced business environment.


China Culture Corner Author Sean Upton-McLaughlin Relocates to Shenzhen

The author of the highly popular China Culture Corner series, former LCB contributor and China business consultant Sean Upton-McLaughlin is now working in Shenzhen, according to the latest update on his web site.  He states that the transition took place in May 2014, “to continue my work with Chinese companies and executives, this time with a multinational Chinese firm in the ICT sector.”  Get in touch with Sean by sharing your feedback and read through his collection of informative articles on Chinese business culture.


What We’re Reading

Here are just a few of the more promising and relevant recent works that our LCB book reviews staff are currently looking at:

The Globalization of Clean Energy Technology: Lessons from China (Urban and Industrial Environments) by Kelly Sims Gallagher

China’s Second Continent: How a Million Migrants Are Building a New Empire in Africa by Howard W. French

Age of Ambition: Chasing Fortune, Truth, and Faith in the New China by Evan Osnos

You can always find more personally curated China business book recommendations and other selections in our custom-built LCB Store, powered by Amazon.