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The Year of the Horse is just around the corner and following is a round-up of some of the best digital Chinese New Year campaigns. The Year of the Snake is slithering away and people all across China are making New Year’s resolutions while filling hongbao envelopes and preparing family meals.

So, what companies are looking to capitalize on the New Year spirit? We’ll look at three brands to get more of an idea: Tommy Hilfiger, Rado, and Budweiser.


Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger has launched a Chinese New Year campaign that allows participants to send New Year’s wishes to their friends on Sina Weibo and win a red-colored gift from the company. Centered on the color red, which symbolizes good luck and fortune, the campaign name “Theme Color of the Chinese New Year” takes a look at the tradition of this color and is designed to create social sharing. Keep an eye on it to see how successful it becomes over the holiday.

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The Swiss luxury watch manufacturer, Rado, has launched a Weibo campaign called “Open the Door of Time, Wish for a Good 2014.” The campaign invites fans to share their New Year wishes and resolutions and are also offering participants a chance to win an autograph from Taiwanese singer and actress René Liu from now until January 31.

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Along with fashion and watch companies, Budweiser is actively participating in the New Year’s celebrations as well. Take one look at their Weibo account and it’s clear that they’re ready for the Year of the Horse. Budweiser has a long history of using horses in their advertising campaigns, so it makes sense to see a major push with them at this time. Along with their Weibo campaign, the company is also running a TVC featuring their iconic Clydesdale horses pulling a Budweiser carriage around the globe. Check out the TVC here.


The Year of the Horse

These are just a few examples of the campaigns that are being run over the Chinese New Year. There are many brands looking to capitalize on the holiday spirit and it would be impossible to address all of them in a single blog post.  Let us know which campaigns you have seen and which ones you think are worth talking about.



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