If you’ve read any of my previous posts here, you may remember that I wrote one a while back about how to start a Chinese language club to find people with similar language goals in your city.

I also spoke about the most recent language group I frequent to practice my Chinese – the Vancouver Chinese Mandarin Club. Several months ago, I was asked by one of the group organizers to participate in a series of videos for the Confucius Institute, which will be used in their future classrooms for teaching Mandarin to students.

I think my performance wasn’t too bad for an amateur thespian. Except I had to keep struggling to remember my lines!

Take a look. I’m the one in green.

– Aaron Posehn

Aaron Posehn graduated of the University of British Columbia majoring in Asian Area Studies and specializing in China, Taiwan, and India. A frequent blogger on China-related topics, he is also the author of “chinEASE,” an eBook that teaches beginners how to easily learn Chinese characters.