by Jacqueline Wu

Hacking google, Chinese committee of red cross, Chinese hackers have made a fame. Some people asked“how many hackers are there in China? ” “Are there any safe places on the internet?” “Will Chinese hackers invade the world?”

Most of the hacking populations in China are the young generations, most of them are highly educated. They like to hack as a way to show off their power during their adolescence; as they grow older, they become more rational and sophisticated. The same thing happened to the geek society. They came from complete chaos to being more organized.

“Since 2008, with the establish of 80sec and 2009 80vul, hackers have done enough naive fightings on the Internet and also tired of paying too much attention to the oversimplified defending and offending. There rises a lot of young information security expert, they formed a whole new society, researching about information security and focus on improving the environment on the area, they are forming a new and more invincible team,” said a well known hacker and information security expert.

It is true that Chinese hackers became more organized, instead of the complete chaos leading the new rising hackers. In general, there are two parties of hackers: one calls themselves “the red-hacker” the other “the dark-hacker”. Both of them are most highly educated and have very strong skills. They have their website for communicating, both techniques and thoughts.

The red-hackers regard themselves as the potector of the Internet using population, the modern Knight of Camelot. They have a “self regulation agreement” including that “Any DDOS behaviours not for the public interest would not come from us.” “Activities for buying and selling personal information of the public would not come from us.” They are almost public information security experts who charge no fees. Some of them used to be on the dark-hacker’s side, and finally they give up the pleasure of hacking for the expectations of the future techniques and internet. They choose to make the tech world safer and more perfect. Maybe the history would be on their side anyway.

The dark hackers on the other hand see themselves “trouble makers”. They organize to hack everything electronic for different reasons, for sense of control and power which they craving, for patrionism or for business interest, etc. Some hackers even create a virus and spread it first. When it is the time, they will be the heros and save the day, or establish his/her own business.

There also some flaws on both sides of the hacker’s logic, they never defined the area of the piracy, although most of the red-hackers have a strong moral standard, but still some had participated counterfeit still consider themselves as a red-hacker. There is no certain clear boundary between dark-hackers and red-hackers, as we all know, hackers don’t use their passports to sign up for a party.

Besides the two parties, there would also be some “freelancers”, most of them are younger, they tend to use more practical and less complicated means, even the instruments the dark hackers published on the internet, they called freelancers because some of them even freelance to the public on the internet to steal personal information and ID`s for their hirers, per job per charge. It seems nothing, but they can be the most dangerous sort of hackers,for two reasons: First, some of them are more easily manipulated for patriotism reasons and voices on the internet. Second, some of them are making a living for hacking and never considered what they did may have a serious effect or simply not caring. When they become stronger during these practice, some of them may grow up to be real hackers.

The both sides of the hackers and freelancers would not be disappearing for a long time, because all of them are pushing the technique world forward in their ways. They are creating the unlimited world of techniques and information, just as our ancestors created our world. They are making the future history of 0/1s.

Jacqueline Wu is a programmer at Dalian Hi-think Computer in Dalian, China.