LNU-MSU College of International Business, is now accepting applications from students interested in attending this top international business school in the fall of 2012. This Missouri China based university partnership business program is located in Dalian China, only an hour or so flight east of Beijing.

Liaoning Normal University (LNU) and Missouri State University (MSU) partnered to create a top Missouri China partnership they refer to as LNU – MSU CIB (College of International Business). The language of instruction at this well establish college of business is English. All faculty members of LNU-MSU CIB meet the hiring standards of both universities. Students hail from Missouri China, South Korea, Japan, Russia, Indonesia, many African nations, and other places in the USA. Most students matriculate directly from high school, however any age student is eligible as long as they have earned a high school diploma and come with adequate English proficiency.

Those interested in attending this Missouri China partnership university: LNU-MSU College of International Business, should contact Mike Coutts, Assistant Dean & Director of International Students at MikeCoutts -at- missouristate.edu