This is a question many Chinese business culture bloggers attempt to answer (our suspicion is because it is a hot topic–everyone wants to know!). But it’s also a question that hasn’t been sufficiently answered. The top search result for “best China business culture blogs” is from, and it was written back in 2010 (with questions about the validity of the list they discuss therein)!

best china business blogWe almost attempted to compile a list of top China business culture blogs of our own, but then with a little thought, it became evident that we would simply be sharing with you who we thought were the best China bloggers, which would be highly bias. Of course, our favorite China business blogs are in our mind the best ones out there, but we want a list of the best blogs that is a little more balanced and objective.

With that in mind, we ask you, the reader, the China-business culture expert/enthusiast, to tell us (in a comment please so everyone can see) what the best China business blog is, but don’t stop there: Let us know why you chose it. And, please, no promotional plugs solely for the reason of promoting…we’ll delete those from the commentary.

If you would, comment in this format:

Best Chinese business culture blog: