Guest post by Nicole Wang

Howdy! Haven’t seen you guys for a while, how’s it going? Today we are going to talk about how to attract Chinese businessmen to your event. We all know that the concept of Guanxi is extremely important when it comes to Chinese business. Events are a great opportunity to get to know people and build up connections. So here are several tips for you when you attract Chinese business people to your event:

1.       Invite government officials if that is possible. Because of the Chinese political and economic environment, it is vital to keep in touch with government officials.

2.       Invite mutual connections if you are thinking to invite a particular person. It makes a huge difference to build up connections when you get introduced by a mutual friend.

3.       Don’t be too aggressive. It’s great to be ambitious in the States. People feel okay when you tend to be aggressive. However, it is not like that in China. People in China in general do not like aggressive people. When you try to invite a Chinese businessman, try to be as old fashioned as possible.

4.       Some presents might be helpful too. Chinese people like to exchange presents generally, so it might be a great idea to offer a present. (Chinese gift giving etiquette)

5.       Learn some basic Chinese. Some basic Chinese words will impress Chinese people a lot. It is some kind of emotional connection between you and your Chinese friends. If you haven’t started, but are planning to learn some basic Chinese words, please go through this blog (posts like: introducing friends in Chinese, etc.). I have taught some basic Chinese words in previous articles.

Nicole Wang holds a master degree at the University of Pennsylvania. Her personal background has been strongly related to East Asia as she grew up both in China and Japan. Nicole has been evolved in the field of Quantitative research, big data, MOOCs, evaluation, marketing, and language teaching. She can be reached at