Yundian team photo, courtesy Helds - Laiene Empreendimentos

Yundian team photo, courtesy Heldslaiene Braian

by guest blogger Heldslaiene Braian

Coming to China was like accomplishing a childhood dream, since I  have always been very curious about Chinese culture. It all started a few years ago, when I was keeping in touch with friends here (And of course, some small businesses) … Then I finally visited China the first time in July 2011 and spent a month traveling through several cities in different provinces; spending much of the time with a close friend that I met about three years ago. She guided me and certainly made my trip much better than expected: I experienced wonderful places and amazing people, and what most caught my attention was how the Chinese people are friendly and charismatic.

When I returned to Brazil, I had already made my choice, “China is where I want to live.” I had seen that China I only imagined for so many years. Now, with this goal in mind, I received an offer to come to work in the field of industrial design. I thought a lot, and I discussed with my family. My parents obviously did not agree, and thought, “Why? You have a good life here, a good job, friends, and your family is here! “After a lot of explaining that it was entirely a personal and emotional question and not as a matter of job, money, etc.. they finally agreed (in part, I hope). I loved my job and the company where I worked in Brazil, (Seva – Electronic Engineering – All that I know I learned there. I am very grateful to them, and the moment of farewell was awful…

With ready luggage, I came to China in November 2011. I am still too new here, and the difference in working style is very punctual. In my spare time I am dealer between some companies in South America and Chinese suppliers, and formally I work in the field of industrial design in the e-bikes and motorcycles market [In the company Yundian Design (韵点设计) –]. The Chinese professionals in this market are very concerned about time, acceptance of prototype, reviews of the piece/part, accepting meetings, etc.. (Same concerns in the design department of the company in Brazil). I noticed in this short time that the main difference is in the speed and ease in the resolution of obstacles (mainly caused by external factors such as suppliers and logistics), not for the reason of more dedication.  Some of this is because of labor law issues. Its not better of worse than it was in Brazil, just different.

In my opinion the most important and different point in the Chinese labor market compared to Brazil, is opportunity. If you know what you want to do, the place is yours. Those who don’t know for sure will not advance. In Brazil, besides the lack of opportunity for people, we have many cases of “successful professionals” that grow on the work of others or illegally and continue to do it without any fear and of course without any punishment.

I am loving the experience and growing a lot (and of course, working hard), and every day is a new surprise with cultural differences. Step by step, I am adapting to this so beautiful and different culture.

“When you want to do something you really love in life, do not take no for an answer”


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