By guest blogger Liu Xiu Ming

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Liu Xiu Ming

Hi, guys, I think that you really find Chinese numbers interesting (based on your interest in the last article I wrote on lucky and unlucky numbers in Chinese).  Just as what I mentioned a few days ago, Chinese four ( 四(si4)) is the worst number in Chinese language, so nobody is willing to have his car plate number, cellphone number, telephone number as well as other numbers  ending or beginning with the Chinese four 四(si4). Sometimes the Chinese four, 四 si4 may appear inside these numbers even though the majority of the people would be reluctant to accept it. But most car plates of the funeral service begin or end with this number like 黑A-45444(hei1 A-si4 wu3 si4 si4 si4, here “黑(hei1)” is the abbreviation of “黑龙江省” hei1 long2 jiang1 sheng3, Heilongjiang province, China).45444(si4 wu3 si4 si4 si4) sounds like 是我死死死(shi4 wo3 si3 si3 si3) which means it is I who die, die and die.

Some other numbers like 514(wu3 yao1 si4 soulds like 我要死wo3 yao4 si3, I will die), 914(jiu3 yao1 si4 sounds like 就要死 jiu4 yao4 si3, …dying), and 954 (jiu3 wu3 si4 sounds like 就我死 jiu4 wo3 si, only I will die) are regarded very bad, too.

Liu Xiu Ming is a Mandarin Chinese teacher with Early College at AB-Tech in Asheville N.C. USA