Guest post by Nicole Wang

你好 (ni hao-hello)!Today we are going to learn to introduce each other. If you’re getting to know the Chinese, you’ll need to learn this lesson early on. “Friend” in Chinese expressed like this:  朋友(peng2 you3)。” This is my friend,[put your friend’s name ]” is:  这是我的朋友(zhe4 shi4 wo3 de peng2 you3)[put your friend’s name]。这(zhe4) means “this”. We learned 是 in lesson 2. 那(na4=that)是我的朋友,[your friend’s name], means “that is my friend, [your friend’s name]”. 老板(lao2 ban3)means “boss”, and 员工(yuan2 gong1)means “staff”. If you would like to be specific, you can say 这是我的(de)老板, [your friend’s name].We learned 我 (wo=my)  last lesson, and 我的means “my”. 你的 (ni de) means “your”, 他(ta1)的means “his”, 她(ta1)的means “her”. 他means “him”, and 她means “her”. “He” and “She” are written with different characters, but spoken the same (Ta).

Now let’s put everything together:你好!我是[friend’s name]。这是我的老板,[friend’s name],她是他的员工,[friend’s name].他是我的朋友,她也是我的朋友。也(ye3)in Chinese means “also” or “as well”. Remember, 也should be put ahead of the verb (ex. He also is..). You can also say, 他喜欢吃菜,我也喜欢吃菜。Okay, now it’s time for you to practice. And please introduce your 朋友to me. See you tomorrow.

Chinese cultural trivia: Do you know, 2012 is the year of dragon?

Nicole Wang holds a master degree at the University of Pennsylvania. Her personal background has been strongly related to East Asia as she grew up both in China and Japan. Nicole has been evolved in the field of Quantitative research, big data, MOOCs, evaluation, marketing, and language teaching. She can be reached at