By Nicole Wang

Today you will learn how to greet a Chinese businessman, when meeting for the first time. We learned 你(you) in the last lesson. When you say hi to your friends, you can use that form of you like this: 你好(ni2 hao3). Ni means you and hao means good. “You good” is how you greet people in general in China.

Saying Hello

Greetings during a business meetings are different. During a business meeting with someone of seniority or someone you respect, you would want to use 您(nin2). So the entire greeting would be: 您好(nin2 hao3), which is essentially the same as saying ni hao, but this way is more formal.

Introducing Yourself

I am Nicole in China is: 我是Nicole. 我(wo3) means I. 是(shi2) in this case means am. And then say your name. So, a quick pop quiz: how might you say “You are Mike”? Answer: 你是Mike.

Explaining Where You Work

Company in Chinese is 公司(gong1 si1). I work at **** company in Chinese is: 我在******公司工作。在(zai4)is a preposition, and 工作(gong1 zuo4)means work. If you want to ask your friend where does he work, you can say: 你在哪里工作?哪里(na2 li3) means where. So now let’s put everything together: 您好,我是Nicole。我在*****工作,您在哪里工作?(nin2 hao3, wo3 shi4 ***. Wo3 zai4 **** gong1 zuo4. Nin2 zai4 na2 li3 gong1 zuo4?)

Get started and practice it with your friend and I will see you next time!

Nicole Wang holds a master degree at the University of Pennsylvania. Her personal background has been strongly related to East Asia as she grew up both in China and Japan. Nicole has been evolved in the field of Quantitative research, big data, MOOCs, evaluation, marketing, and language teaching. She can be reached at