By Raitra Raferanjaka

The Chinese have a major place in the Madagascar, Africa economy. They have bought many areas of industry such as: tourism, trade at all level, raw material etc. In only 15 years the Chinese have dominated the country and things are still evolving rapidly.

I remember when the Chinese first arrived en-masse to Madagascar, Africa. They began by opening small businesses and by implanting restaurants as well. Then, through my analysis, and it is obvious, I discovered that use statistics to discover the very need of Malagasy people in every detail. And I think, they would even create adapted products for every potential customer, at every level of the need, and at very low cost. That’s their strong capacity– they can produce anything at a very low cost. Thus, they begin with a small domain and they end up with the big ones. I will give you an example of the story: Long before NOKIA has produced cellphone with TV, here at Madagascar, we have already bought it at a miracle price, and the same with the double SIM cell. Today we even have a cell with 4 SIMs (because we have 4 phones operators). Now the Chinese are very active on extraction of raw materials, and they even have a right to speak with the government.

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Regarding my point of view of the Chinese’s strategy to penetrate one country’s economy, I just want to make another great point which is that the Chinese strategy is a strong one, and its power dwells in the people. I heard recently that Harvard’s economics students would not attend anymore to the course due to the fact that they have realized that USA has put the finance at the core of economy (Editor’s note: Read “Why We Need Occupy Harvard“), instead the Chinese are convinced that it is always the people who are the engine of everything. China understands it well and use it for their own benefits by sending their people around the world and promoting in every way their products (food, housing, mining, clothing…), as well as their culture to dominate the market at all levels and to have a place in the society. The Chinese are also very attentive to the market, and they know what, when, how, and where to sell. Poor and rich can buy from the Chinese, according to what they have. As a consequence, no country would resist China–it is best to cooperate with them.

Raitra Raferanjaka lives in Madagascar and holds a Masters in marketing strategy.

Raitra RAFERANJAKA, photo courtesy of Raitra RAFERANJAKA

Courtesy of Raitra RAFERANJAKA